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Waist Beads Gallery 

Waist Beads

I have worn waist chains and beads for many years now and there is a Huge misconception that only if you're a size 0 and younger can you wear waist beads. NOT TRUE!! Grandmothers can wear waist beads and if you are a fuller size woman you can wear waist beads. Traditionally worn under clothes by African women, waist beads have several different meanings. Ranging from rites of passage, to enticing your husband to healing and rejuvenation. The art of adorning ones self has been practiced since the beginning of time. In Egypt, waist beads were called “girdles”. All the women wore them and it was a uniform for pre-pubescent girls with out any sexual connotation. But usually servants or dancers wore them and are shown in wall relief’s wearing them and nothing else!
In West Africa, waist beads have several names: Jel-Jelli, Jigeda, Giri-Giri, Djalay Djalay or Yomba. They’re always worn under clothes. In Ghana women knew that waist beads helped form their body into a particular shape and adult women wear beads to sexually stimulate the male. In other parts of West Africa, women would wear waist beads with bells on them, and when they walked it would make a jingling noise.
When you add stones, waist beads take on healing qualities. Depending on ailment or what needs to be enhanced (i.e. love, physic powers, balancing), various semi-precious stones can be included in the design of your waist beads.
In the current times, that waist beads are becoming more visible. Pants are getting lower and lower, and women are showing more skin than ever. So why not adorn this blank canvas with beautiful beads. But if showing your stomach in not for you, it’s still all good. You can smile in knowing that you are wearing something special and beautiful. I LOVE my waist beads and never take them off. Yes, I sleep in them workout in them and everything else in them😊. Then there's the waist beads that I put on when my "Free Spirit 😉" comes out..... Lol. So if you see something you like in the pictures let me know! The prices range from $10.00 - $15.00. Crystal waist beads will cost a little more.