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My Journey

My journey began as a newborn. 

I was born 5 lbs. 4 oz., 16 inches long on July 15, to Hythie and Calvin Calhoun. My mom was a homemaker at the time and my dad was an over the road truck driver so my dad was on the road “a lot”!

About 2 weeks after I was born my mom noticed that I wasn’t really eating and it concerned her because I was already small and really couldn’t afford to miss any meals!! So she took me to see my doctor and he told her well keep trying to feed her every hour and just make sure she is drinking something even if it is just a little. So my mom did what the doctor told her. This went on for a few more weeks. So, along with me not really taking my bottle, I began to peel as most babies do but it was a little more than normal. My mom took me back to the doctor and he gave her some cream to put on me and she told him that I still wasn’t really eating. Again he said well, keep doing the feedings every hour. My mom did as the doctor told her. After a day or 2 my mom noticed that the peeling was getting worse and she called the doctor and told him that the cream was not working and it may be making me worse. The doctor told my mom to bring me right in. When the doctor saw me he agreed that it was getting worse but wasn’t sure what it was or why it was getting worse, so he referred my mom to another doctor who was a specialist in dealing with skin disorders. This doctor told my mom oh it’s just a really severe rash and gave her some cream to put on me. After a few days of using this cream I was still getting worse!! At this point my mom is beginning to really worry because I was still not eating and my skin was peeling. My mom called the specialist and told him the cream was making me worse. So then he sent her to another doctor. This doctor didn’t know what was going on with me either, so he called in one of his colleagues. After running many tests they finally came up with a diagnosis of skin cancer. I believe they didn't know what it was so they gave it a title of cancer but I believe it was Epidermolysis bullosa (EB).  After they realized there was noting more they could do for me they told my mom, there is no cure. My mom was devastated!!! She took me back to my regular doctor and told him what the diagnosis was and he then told her, “Mrs. Calhoun, you need to pray that is all I can tell you and make her as comfortable as possible”.

Can you imagine the doctor telling you that your baby is going to die and all you can do is make her comfortable?

My mom share this news with my dad who was on the road and wasn’t due home for about 5 days. My dad tried to comfort my mom and they both prayed. As the days went on I got worse. My skin was peeling so bad that when my mom took my sleeper and diaper off layers of skin would be in the sleeper and the diaper. My skin would peel from being touched, kissed or caressed.  It got so bad that my mom had to have special band aides to wrap me in because anything else would make my skin peel more. Now mind you I was an infant and as an infant the skin is already really thin. I still wasn’t drinking my bottle only a few drops here and there. I was dying.

This one particular day my mom said she just had this eerie feeling and all she could do was pray and pray she did! From the time I first started peeling and she never stopped but she INCREASED her prayers and they were more intense. But on this day her spirit was telling her that I was going to die and my mom said she just prayed to God and begged him, “Lord Please don’t take my baby, please don’t take my baby from me Lord Please!!” My mom called my grandmother and my aunts and they too began to pray with mommy.

That night when my mom put my sister (she is a year older) and I to bed she said she was just exhausted and drained. She put my sister in her bed and rocked me to sleep as she normally did and then laid me in my crib once I was sleep. She walked down the hallway to her bed and got in it and just passed out. At around 2 am she was awoken by a light. The way our bedrooms were, our bedroom was at the end of the hall and she could see light coming from the hall. She said she was really out of it and got up and figured she just left the light on in our bedroom. As she got out of the bed she began to walk to the hallway, when she got there she said it seemed as if the hallway just grew longer (kind of like in the movies when the hall grows longer) So, she proceeded down the hallway and she said it seems like it took forever to get to our room but she finally made it there and what she saw had her in shock and frozen. There was a little girl standing over my crib rubbing me and touching my body and singing a little song. The little girl was glowing a radiant white and she never looked at my mom or stopped touching me and rubbing me. My mom was frozen. She couldn’t move, speak or anything. She said she doesn’t remember how long she stood there but she does remember that she finally turned around and walked back up the hallway and got in her bed.

When she woke that morning she thought she had dreamed everything that happened. She got up and came to our room and checked on my sister and I. I was still the same. That morning my grandma and aunties came over and spent the day with my mom, my sister and I. My mom said she had this funny feeling that day, kind of a nervous feeling like she had to walk on eggshells. So the day went on and again, I was still very sick, still not taking my bottle and losing skin. As the day came to an end my grandma and aunties all prayed with my mom for me and they went home. My mom told my grandmother and my aunts about the "dream" and they all said she was just exhausted and her mind was playing tricks on her. But that night mommy decided to sleep in the room with us. So she put my sister to bed and then as usual she rocked me to sleep and put me in my crib. 2:00 am rolled around and my mom was awakened by the light again. It was the little girl, she was back but this time when mommy woke up the little girl was holding me. She was rubbing me and touching me and singing the same little song. My mom couldn’t remember the song exactly but something like “He loves you, he has plans for you, and you are going to be okay”. Again, mommy was frozen and couldn’t say anything or move. Not knowing how long she had been watching, the little girl put me back in my crib turned around, went to my mom, (mommy said she glided over to her) tilted her head, smiled and disappeared. Mommy fell back asleep.

When she woke up that morning she said she felt a sense of peace. That day, I didn’t lose any skin. That day I drank more of my bottle than I had ever taken in. From that day on, I got better! I gained weight, my skin began to thicken, and I began to get healthy. My mom took me to my doctor and he confirmed it. “You have experienced a miracle Mrs. Calhoun, this child is not supposed to be here and yet here she is!” God answered my mom’s prayers! He healed me!!! It was his will that I live and not die!!!

You see the enemy tried to take me out of here. He had peeked into my future and saw how God was going to use me and thought he could take me out as a defenseless infant! BUT GOD!!!! He had plans for me and when God has a plan for your life NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST YOU WILL PROSPER!!!! The devil was already defeated! God allowed my mom and I to go through this for a reason. I don’t know why, maybe it was to share this testimony! 

(I have pictures of what EB looks like in my photo gallery, they are a little graphic)

My Certifications and Education

  • Bokwa
  • Zumba
  • International Fitness Associations            Certification, Personal                            Training/Group Aerobic Instructor          CI #202989
  • Ethical Massage Practitioner                    Certification, Registration                        # 98-01- 1481T
  • Independent Reiki Master/Teacher
  • Quantum Touch 1 certification; 
  • Quantum Touch 2 certification 

2010-2014 Bachelors of Science in    Holistic Ministries, The American    Institute of Holistic Theology

2002 Cleveland School of Massage and Advance Bodywork

1999-2001 NuDawn Living Art Center -      Reiki